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The ne'er-do-wells of the golf world chat weekly about the PGA Tour. Every guest on the show is a personal friend of Tiger Woods.* (*Not necessarily true.)
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Sep 12, 2016

We're back on the Hype Train with Kyle Porter of CBS Sports, and you know what we're talking about—DL3 has picked his 3, and we got the takes to match. Did Rickie deserve the pick? Is Kuchar the most boring selection ever? What about the Bubba snub? It's all here, so tune on in.

Aug 30, 2016

We're in week two of Ryder Cup hype-train mode, and Chris Solomon of No Laying UP is on board to talk European captain's picks, American captain's picks, and that age-old question of youth vs. experience. We also take a record amount of Twitter questions, and set a new record for sheer length at 96 minutes. That's a long podcast! You're certainly getting your money's worth at a cost of exactly nothing, so enjoy your latest journey on the Hype Train. 

Aug 24, 2016

It's the first of a series of Ryder Cup podcasts leading up to the big event, which we're officially calling The Ryder Cup Hype Train 2K16 USA Express. Joining me this week to talk about my favorite sporting event in the worlds is Alex Myers of Golf Digest. We cover just about everything, from the systemic changes made by the Americans this year after the Gleneagles debacle, to the imminent European captain's picks, to the less-imminent but still pretty imminent U.S. captain's picks. We're talking Furyk, Reed, Love, Clarke, sample sizes, the legacy of past captains, and more. And that doesn't begin to tell the story, because Alex and I set a FoT record by going for 88 minutes strong. Turns out, we both love this event and have lots of opinions. Don't miss it!

Jul 13, 2016

I'm not going to mince words—Luke and I are dead-heading today, and our target is Olympic Golf. What does that mean? It means everyone in the immediate vicinity of Rio needs to duck and cover, baby. Check it out, and wear safety netting, because we are the Zika mosquitoes of golf podcasts.

Apr 7, 2016

Man what a show! It's the Masters preview, going up Thursday afternoon—oops. I spend 15 minutes each with Alex Myers, Luke Kerr-Dineen, D.J. Piehowski, Kyle Porter, and Chris Solomon. We're hashing it out—who's going to win, who's going to lose, and who's going to get held indefinitely in an underground chamber at Augusta. Check it out!

Feb 16, 2016

Jay Busbee is a golf and NASCAR writer for Yahoo, and today, his book 'Earnhardt Nation' is coming out. We spoke about his writing process, the history of NASCAR, and the fascinating saga of American racing's first family, the Earnhardts. This is a special episode, and I can honestly say that I learned more in this hour than I have in a long time. Always a blast to talk to Jay, and please pick up his book here:

Feb 9, 2016

Alex Myers is making his first appearance of 2016, he's married, he's got a house, and he's ready to dispense some SERIOUS ADULT WISDOM. After an important back-and-forth on Cam Newton, we talk Rickie's decision on 17 at Phoenix, Matsuyama's wins (and slow play), the rise of Danny Willett, and the Jordan Spieth bobblehead that looks nothing like Jordan Spieth. After that, Alex solves some cat problems, and I'm not talking about the Big Cat. It's a rip-roaring affair, and not to be missed by man, woman, or child.

Jan 25, 2016

2016 IS HERE! After the longest hiatus in podcast history, Friends of Tiger is back! And who else would kick off our second season but the man with the most appearances in podcast history, For The Win's Luke Kerr-Dineen! Luke and I are on the eve of our fantasy golf draft, and we're struggling over the hard questions: Rory or Jordan with the first pick? Is Day a legit third pick, or is he going to fade? Who are the sleepers that might slip to the later rounds? We scope out the world of professional golf, from the high-flyers to the grinders to the question marks, and preview the year to come. It's always SUCH A PLEASURE to jam with Luke, and he even earned an official Friends of Tiger nickname. But how are you ever going to know what it is unless you listen?!?!! DO IT!!!