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The ne'er-do-wells of the golf world chat weekly about the PGA Tour. Every guest on the show is a personal friend of Tiger Woods.* (*Not necessarily true.)
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Sep 12, 2016

We're back on the Hype Train with Kyle Porter of CBS Sports, and you know what we're talking about—DL3 has picked his 3, and we got the takes to match. Did Rickie deserve the pick? Is Kuchar the most boring selection ever? What about the Bubba snub? It's all here, so tune on in.

Aug 30, 2016

We're in week two of Ryder Cup hype-train mode, and Chris Solomon of No Laying UP is on board to talk European captain's picks, American captain's picks, and that age-old question of youth vs. experience. We also take a record amount of Twitter questions, and set a new record for sheer length at 96 minutes. That's a long podcast! You're certainly getting your money's worth at a cost of exactly nothing, so enjoy your latest journey on the Hype Train. 

Aug 24, 2016

It's the first of a series of Ryder Cup podcasts leading up to the big event, which we're officially calling The Ryder Cup Hype Train 2K16 USA Express. Joining me this week to talk about my favorite sporting event in the worlds is Alex Myers of Golf Digest. We cover just about everything, from the systemic changes made by the Americans this year after the Gleneagles debacle, to the imminent European captain's picks, to the less-imminent but still pretty imminent U.S. captain's picks. We're talking Furyk, Reed, Love, Clarke, sample sizes, the legacy of past captains, and more. And that doesn't begin to tell the story, because Alex and I set a FoT record by going for 88 minutes strong. Turns out, we both love this event and have lots of opinions. Don't miss it!

Jul 13, 2016

I'm not going to mince words—Luke and I are dead-heading today, and our target is Olympic Golf. What does that mean? It means everyone in the immediate vicinity of Rio needs to duck and cover, baby. Check it out, and wear safety netting, because we are the Zika mosquitoes of golf podcasts.

Feb 16, 2016

Jay Busbee is a golf and NASCAR writer for Yahoo, and today, his book 'Earnhardt Nation' is coming out. We spoke about his writing process, the history of NASCAR, and the fascinating saga of American racing's first family, the Earnhardts. This is a special episode, and I can honestly say that I learned more in this hour than I have in a long time. Always a blast to talk to Jay, and please pick up his book here:

Feb 9, 2016

Alex Myers is making his first appearance of 2016, he's married, he's got a house, and he's ready to dispense some SERIOUS ADULT WISDOM. After an important back-and-forth on Cam Newton, we talk Rickie's decision on 17 at Phoenix, Matsuyama's wins (and slow play), the rise of Danny Willett, and the Jordan Spieth bobblehead that looks nothing like Jordan Spieth. After that, Alex solves some cat problems, and I'm not talking about the Big Cat. It's a rip-roaring affair, and not to be missed by man, woman, or child.

Jan 25, 2016

2016 IS HERE! After the longest hiatus in podcast history, Friends of Tiger is back! And who else would kick off our second season but the man with the most appearances in podcast history, For The Win's Luke Kerr-Dineen! Luke and I are on the eve of our fantasy golf draft, and we're struggling over the hard questions: Rory or Jordan with the first pick? Is Day a legit third pick, or is he going to fade? Who are the sleepers that might slip to the later rounds? We scope out the world of professional golf, from the high-flyers to the grinders to the question marks, and preview the year to come. It's always SUCH A PLEASURE to jam with Luke, and he even earned an official Friends of Tiger nickname. But how are you ever going to know what it is unless you listen?!?!! DO IT!!!

Sep 2, 2015

This show was recorded LIVE at DSI Comedy Theater in Chapel Hill, NC. Joe May is the head pro at Hillandale Golf Course at Durham, and we talk about his life in golf, and what it's like to teach people this crazy game for a living.

Aug 13, 2015

We're back! Luke Kerr-Dineen from the USA Today FTW blog joins me today, and we're talking PGA Championship, the perils of being new media, the anger of old media, and Luke's experiences writing the infamous "Spieth choked" piece. Enjoy!

Jul 1, 2015

We're back where we belong in our Durham, NC studio, and today we're welcoming Scott Michaux of the Augusta Chronicle as our featured guest. Scott and I talk about the complicated figure of Bubba Watson, this week's Travelers Championship Winner, and beyond Bubba, we hit on everyone from Paul Casey (we like him!) to Phil (he seems to like gambling!) to Jordan Spieth (how dare he not spend the next month at St. Andrews!). It's a fun return to form with a first-time guest, so check it out!

Jun 22, 2015

Jordan wins! Dustin loses...and we've got one more short ep before we fly back home. Check us out!

Jun 18, 2015

It's night three of the U.S. Open extravaganza, and we're back with the core crew of Jon McCarthy, Teddy Greenstein, Stephanie Wei, Michael Witmer, and ME. We're one day away from finally getting some golf, and we're talking course setup, USGA devilry, and the players we love. We also do a lightning round fantasy draft, and things get HEATED. And as always, we take unnecessary shots at Stephanie. The week rolls on, and we continue to gain in strength. The Groupageddon is upon us.

Jun 17, 2015

We have the whole gang from last night, plus Mr. Michael Witmer of the Boston Globe, and we're chock full of new information gleaned from a Tuesday spent at the U.S. Open. It's a solid half hour of near-madness, and the information will blow you sky-high. Enjoy!

Jun 16, 2015

We're setting a new world record with podcast guests at a whopping FIVE. Teddy Greenstein (Chicago Tribune), Ryan Ballengee (GolfNewsNet), Jon McCarthy (Toronto Sun), Stephanie Wei (WeiUnderPar), and I are jamming with the first of a bunch of U.S. Open podcasts. All I can say is that it gets chaotic, and fast. Possibly too chaotic. Like the U.S. Open, it's nice to have once in a while, but you wouldn't want it every week. In the midst of the insanity, we do discuss the U.S. Open, and there are some actual intelligent takes. Enjoy, my friends!

Jun 4, 2015

It's the Sam Weinman episode! Sam just wrote an excellent piece on Golf Digest about his struggles as a mediocre golfer, and his long obsession with swing thoughts. It makes for the perfect topic, because I, too, have fallen into the golf rabbit hole, and this hour is more than a little like therapy. We also look ahead to the Memorial and U.S. Open as summer begins and major season heats up. Check it out!

Jun 1, 2015

We're back off our short hiatus, and welcoming Luke Kerr-Dineen into the Tiger's Den. There's plenty to discuss, including Steven Bowditch's win at the Byron Nelson and his story of recovering from severe depression. We go from there to talking about the pressures of being a pro golfer, and the outlets they choose, from the good to the bad. Have we done a bad job of turning players into single-issue people, from Bowditch to Compton to Rory to Rickie? Next, we touch on Luke's recent article about adderall use on Tour, and spend a moment or two on college golf. It's a conversation for the ages, and you can only hear it here, folks!

May 19, 2015

Alex Myers of Golf Digest is making his first appearance on the show, and I know what you're thinking: IS HE READY FOR THE FIRE PIT?! Good news: He is! We talk about Rory's big win at the Wells Fargo, and just why we find the guy so darn appealing. Will anyone be his Rafa—the guy who emerges as a true competitive rival? Could it be Jordan? Our conversation ranges from stat nerdery to history to tennis to NBA basketball. All of it, of course, loops back to our favorite game. Don't miss this one!

May 14, 2015

Kyle Porter is BACK, and he's ready to bring the red hot heat. Kyle wrote a great piece on Rickie Fowler, and the way we as fans and pundits tend to overreact to the results of a single weekend, so we start there before moving on to Rory McIlroy. Kyle and I rank the top 7 Rory Rivalries, and the results may shock and appall you. Elsewhere, I encourage people to harass a certain Twitter account, and things get surprisingly philosophical as Kyle and I discuss the nature of life, fandom, language, and so much more. Tune in, my friends, or be left behind at the water cooler like a DWEEB.

May 11, 2015

We've gone official! D.J. Piehowski of the PGA Tour is our guest today, and we're talking all about Rickie Fowler's thrilling win at the Players Championship over Sergio Garcia and Kevin Kisner. What does this mean for the game? Is Rickie still overrated? Is he the next Tiger? Is he already better than Tiger? It's a red-hot session of scorching takes, and D.J. also tells us a little about what it's like to work for the Tour. If you miss this episode, you're not a real golf fan, and you might not even be a real person.

May 7, 2015

We're back and chomping at the bit as Ryan Ballengee stops by to discuss his career in golf media, the pains of getting older, and also a bit of GOLF: Players Championship, Jordan, Rory, Horschel, Matsuyama, Tiger, and all your favorites. Literally every single one of your favorites, of all time. It's a spine-tingler, we DO NOT recommend listening alone!

May 4, 2015

There are only two topics on the table today: Stephanie Wei's credential revocation, and Rory McIlroy's big win at the Match Play Championship. Enjoy!

May 2, 2015

It's fight night in America! Keegan Bradley, Miguel Angel Jimenez, and a caddie called Pepsi mixed it up at the Match Play Championship, and Chris Solomon ( and I are here to sort through the rubble. This is a shorter, emergency podcast, and we're mostly talking Keegan-Miguel, but we share some of our own golf war stories and make predictions for the rest of the match play bracket. This episode is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.

Apr 28, 2015

Today our lucky stars have aligned, and we're joined by Ashley Mayo, Golf Digester extraordinaire and one of Sports Illustrated's Top 100 Twitter follows. Ashley and I chat about her life and times, Golf Digest's new hip young direction, and the upcoming Match Play Championship in San Francisco. Ashley has played TPC Harding Park since the re-routing, and we talk about the course and the groups that were announced on the Golf Channel special. Will Victor Dubuisson destroy all? We finish up by taking Twitter questions, covering everything from Poulter to the name of this podcast to how to behave around people you have a crush on to whether Ashley is interested in dating a Twitter user named PiltyBones. Don't miss it!

Apr 23, 2015

Transatlantic heart-throb Luke Kerr-Dineen is on the program today, and it doesn't take long before we get into the reallll good stuff. Luke wrote an article about Jordan Spieth's high marketability, but we both puzzle over the fact that he's kinda...dull. We go from there to a discussion about the differences between American and European golf fans, and as someone who has spent years on both sides of that big ol' pond, Luke has a terrific perspective. Next, it's on to Poulter, and whether he has a good point about not playing at the BMW PGA Championship, or if he's just being his usual self. We field Twitter questions, share some predictions about the Zurich Classic, and generally just let it fly. NOTE: There are some audio issues on Luke's end for the first 8 minutes. Hang with it, they get better after that!

Apr 20, 2015

I'm psyched to have my good friend Stephanie Wei on the show, and we waste no time getting into the nitty-gritty of Jim Furyk's win at the RBC Heritage. He came out storming with a Sunday 63, and survived two grueling playoff holes against a game Kevin Kisner to win his first event since 2010. It's a big moment for Furyk, and we talk about how people will view the playing legacy of one of the most thoughtful, but also contradictory, players on the Tour. We touch on Kisner's heroics, and we round it out by talking about our experiences on the PGA Tour with angry players (*ahem* Els and Poulter *ahem*), paranoid tournament hosts, and overzealous locker room attendants. It's a humdinger!

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